Fishing Itinerary

Trips normally depart around 9.00 am or 1.00pm and return around 12.30pm or 5.00pm with a full day being approximately 8 hours on the water and a half day around 4 hours.
NB: There are also night fishing trips but are based on request.
The areas fished will depend upon the weather and how the fish are biting.
At certain times of the year the lake can be very rough with large swells and so then we tend to utilize the sheltered bays for fishing.
A picnic lunch is provided with a cool box of beers, mineral water and sodas as well as tea and coffee. Anglers are free to bring along additional drinks required.
NB: Sporting Spots sometimes are changeable depending on the requirements of the client. Only destinations afar will result in change in budgets.

[accordion title=”Day 1″ ]

Day 1: Arrival
Make prior arrangements with us before the date you would like to go sport – fishing. Our experienced skipper/captain will pick you from their airport using our own taxi/fans and take you to Victoria Palace (our operations point) and a convenient place to start your fishing safari adventure because it is close to the boat docking point.
Fishing is done around local islands accessible by boat trip from Kamanga Ferry Point.
On return, our skippers will take you from Victoria Palace to the Mwanza Airport

Trip start at 0900Hrs from Kamanga Ferry to Gabalema 1 Island. At 1100Hrs we proceed to Gabalema 2 Island.
We return to Mwanza for lunch at 0100hrs.
NB: Occassionally, some of our clients have requested to depart very early in the morning in order to have a glimpse and experience of the rising sun on the Lake waters. This is very doing and does not attract any extra charges.
Evening fishing trip starts at 0400hrs. We head to Mwaloni sporting – point. Here you will also have a chance to sight see the indigenous people actively involved in fishing as an income earner venture. It is very interesting to see how they combine tradition fishing methods and modern technics.
Again, you get a chance to experience the setinng sun on the horizons on the waters especially when the weather is favourable.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Day 2″ ]

Day 2: Start Trip
This day, our trip starts 0600Hrs after breakfast; you will be picked by our skipper from Victoria Palace to the Lake’s shoreline at Kamanga Ferry.
The skipper will take a fascinating upside ‘u – turn’ to one of the famous shoreline at Mwanza called Hotel Tilapia.
As it would be, visits enjoy a great breakfast from here, Hotel Tiliapia at 1000Hrs and don’t have to bother going back to afar places.
Hotel Tilipia is one of the best and most recommended visitor’s friendly Hotel.
By design, our visitors can start this trip very early in the morning in order to have a chance to enjoy sights of different species of water birds as they haggle in the morning hours of the sun and so are the Hippos.
Apparently clients will also have that chance of getting awesome sun –rise experience on the Lake.
At 1000Hrs, after a enjoyable of breakfast, visitors are to go fishing around spots near Saa Nane Island. In addition, activity will be concentrated around the Mwanza Cargo Handling Harbour. You have a chance to see how goods coming from Kampala are handled and cleared.
At 0100Hrs, visitors will be taken to Hotel Tilapia for lunch meals, and also enjoy sun bathing. From here, visitors will be picked by own truck to the Victorial place.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”Day 4″ ]

Day 4:
In this day, we start at 0600Hrs and head to Sengerema. The team in this day leaves with lunch boxes. The team will fish in and around Sengerema Ferry Point. We shall have a brief rest at Islands that stand between Kamanga Ferry Point and Sengerema Ferry Point.
As time will permit, visitors will enjoy carried Lunch on one of the many Islands – on top of the many rocks in the Island. This will also give them a chance to do photography as much as they would wish, have a scenic view of Mwanza and have a close view of the Ferry transportation system.[/accordion]

Use of fishing speedboat, fuel, lunch (where appropriate), reasonable quantity of hot and cold drinks, services of local fishing guide/gilly and fishing equipment for trolling for up to 4 persons on board.
Please enquire further