We as an organization serve the community in various ways and provide education in the following fields. In education we visited schools in villages and urban areas by giving environmental education on afforestation and environmental protection especially for students from primary school, secondary up to universities level to build the good culture of environmental. Also we give this education to the community as a whole because we believe that environmental protection is accompanied by better social welfare.
Parallel to that we provide education to take care of Farm and animals and also to prepare studies and special programs for various communities around us because in many countries in Africa agriculture has 

played role as the backbone of so many countries of the third world and also is an employment if done for more sophisticated ways which would give opportunity to lowly people involved in making it a better level.
Also in social empowerm

ent we based in social enterprise that aims to enable vulnerable groups of women and youth through agriculture and livestock and also taught them how to manufacture value-added products from agriculture and livestock which can be then be sold on local and national markets and all the process take place from community level.
In education we are also support of early 

childhood education for children living in vulnerable or high-risk by providing educational and school necessities to their families as well as we provide opportunities for teachers to volunteer and make a difference in the community.